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 Aromatherapy and the animal world

There is now two kinds of peoples:

Those who harm their pets with shampoo made with artificial odors and chemicals ingredients.

And those who are really taking care of them by using products made only with 100% natural ingredient.

Treat your pet coat as well as you treat your body?

  • Does your animal scratches?
    Does its coat look healthy and shiny?
    Is it stress?

Animals are very sensitive to scents and chemical products, so you have to be careful with your grooming products choice. A lot of health problems start right there.

The KARESSE product line is one of the rare available on the market strictly made of natural ingredients, which are essential oils extract from aromatic plants.

Those are  really first quality products and groomers charge an extra when using them.

It will help you fights:
Dull coat, Itching, Shedding, Dandruff, Stress, anxiety, Fragile respiratory system, Fleas and insects.

What is aromatherapy?
From the beginning of time people have turned to plants for healing powers. Many still do, particularly in developing countries, when their cultures have been accumulating a useful body of herbal demonstration. The Australian aborigines were using “melaleuca” leaves for their antiseptic properties as long as 40 000 years ago.

The ancient Greeks acquired their knowledge of herbalism from India, Egypt, and China: And clay tablets from 3000 B.C. record herbal imports into Babylon. There is also evidence of trade of herbs between China and Babylon around 2000 B.C.

With the revolution of science in the nineteen century, came the ability to synthesize plants parts and concentrate doses. But now, because of a greater concern about side effects of drugs, and an ecological awareness, people desire to take greater responsibility for their pets health.


Every body does aromatherapy:
Whether by room, car, or office, fresheners to keep surrounding freshness and purified the air. We choose good skin creams, perfumes, bath oils and hair products to take the best care of our body. Many essential oils are benefits to the skin and you will find them as active properties in of a lot of cosmetic products.

The extraction of oils is a highly complex and expensive business.
It takes 250 pounds of rose petals to produce one fluid ounce of essential oil.

They are used in cosmetics to restore and enhance health, beauty, and overall well being.

Be really carefull with those who claim to use natural ingredient and perfume. Even cyanide is a natural product but it can kill you instantly. 90% of the time those product are made with synthetic, artificial or chemical extract.

The main reason is because of the cheap price of the basic ingredient and also because none of them can claim a patend on a natural plant like  Lavender or orange. So know you know more about shampoos sold in dollar stores.

Essential oils have long been known to contain positive healing, therapeutic, and cosmetic properties. They are natural antiseptics, some more powerful than others.

 It has been shown that they can kill airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi and can neutralise the germs that cause body odour. Some oils are analgesic or anti-inflammatory and help to reduce ache, pain, and swelling.

Others such as lavender have anti-depressant quality and can help to alleviate insomnia, anxiety, or mental and physical fatigue in your pets. All essential oils have their own properties.


Aromatherapy for animal is now available on the market, in pet, grooming, and natural products shops under a grooming line named “Karesse”.

This line respects the respiratory system fragility and is elaborated to offer natural soft and inoffensive products; it is also, a natural way to keep your pet coat shiny and healthy, and prevent skin problem.

Karesse offers lavender, orange, eucalyptus, citronella Shampoos and Hydrolats.

The hydrolat
is the distilled aromatic plant water which contains essential oil hydrophilic molecules, to be used between washes or as an intensive care with the shampoo (ex: flea treatment).Karesse Hydrolat is also a substitute to shampoo for animal resistant to bathing (cat).

For pet lovers who cherish and care for their pets
“Karesse” line is the choice to use!


Helpful for sensitive skin and general skin problems,
skin irritations, itching, stress


Has the same properties as Lavender, recommended for white and ash fur. 


 Moisturizes, softens the skin and fur,  and controls oily skin. 


Specific to: respiratory system, recommended for use during wintertime, or during summertime to help breeding in hot weather. (Kennel cough) For cats and dog which have a morphologic flat nose. 


 Use as flea and insect repellent.

For more information about a specific product or to order click the menu below.



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