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One fact of life is that man lives an average of 78 years and a dog - a maximum of 20 years. Thus it is normal to believe that inevitably, in your lifetime, you will be separated from your best friend. For those of you who believe that a mutt is nothing but a mutt, there’s no sense in reading on. But for the rest of you who have had the unique chance of having a real friend and companion in a dog, read on. This will probably help you when your moment of separation will come.

To my master, to my mistress

The burden of my years and of my infirmities is heavy and I feel the end is near. That is why I, TANGO G. Ratay, (known as TANGO by my parents, friends and acquaintances), wish to dispose of that which is locked away in my soul - my last will and testament.

I have few worldly possessions to bequeath. Dogs being wiser than men, they hardly attach any value to material things. I have nothing precious to leave except my affection and my fidelity. I leave these to all those who have loved me particularly to those who will miss me the most, Daniel and Chantal who have been so good to me. Maybe it is wrong of me to feel the way I do but I have always been an extremely affectionate dog.

I ask of Daniel and Chantal to always remember me but not to cry too long for me. All of my life, I have tried to comfort them in their sadness and to add to their moments of joy. It is very hard for me to think that my death would bring them grief. I would ask them to remember that because of their kind-heartedness and their affection, I was the happiest of dogs,

But today, almost blind, deaf and my teeth so bad that I can hardly eat; my pride has given way to humility, which disheartens me. I feel that life is getting back at me for making the festivity of life last too long. I must say goodbye before becoming a burden to myself and to those who have given me their affection. It will be painful for me to leave them, but not to die.

Unlike man, dogs have no fear of death. What happens after, who knows? But I’m sure of one thing, I will find everlasting peace and respite for my old heart, my old head and legs and I will find eternal sleep in this ground that I so loved. It is a final wish that I sincerely devise. I heard my mistress say: “When TANGO dies, we will never have another dog. I love him so much that I couldn’t ever have another”. But now, for love of myself I would ask her to change her mind. It would be a poor tribute to my memory to never want to own another dog.

I would really like to keep the sentiment that, now that I have become a part of the family that it would be impossible to live without the company of man’s best friend! I have never been exclusive or jealous. I always maintained that all around me are good (even the cat…Gamine, that I at times authorized to share my bed). I tolerated her friendship in a spirit of generosity and in my rare sentimental moments even offered a bit in exchange.

Also, I would suggest that my mistress choose another dog to her liking to replace me. I will be difficult for it to be better behaved, as polite, as distinguished and as handsome as I was in my youth. But I’m sure that it will do it’s best and that it’s inevitable faults will only in contrast, serve to perpetuate my memory even more. I leave her my collar, my leash, my bed and my Christmas stuff.

A last word to Daniel, Chantal and to Gamine, who will undoubtedly live longer than me. Each time that you think of me: say to yourselves with regret but with happiness, while remembering the long years that I was by your side: “Tango was a being that loved us and who we loved.” Say it so profoundly that even in my deepest sleep I will hear you and even the power of death will not be able to stop my dog’s soul from wagging my tail in gratitude.


Your faithful dog who will be watching over you forever.

 May 1995-Jan 2010

Rest in peace my furry best friend.

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