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Doing what we do me and Tango need energy

And we really need to perform while doing, freestyle competition, demos or show. So there is no way on earth I can simply feed Tango and now Ding Ding with Supermarket, Petstore or even Vet food. I simply need what's the best for them. PERIOD!


Optimum Performance HOW?

Every day, we enjoy a wide array of food choices and styles, from fast food to elegant multi-course feasts. But, our pets have to eat what we serve, when we serve it. As a pet dad who really taking care of his  pets, I thought  I was very knowledgeable about their nutrition. I could spend hours researching new treat recipes, online.

Evidenced by extra ribcage padding, our vet kindly suggested Tango and Ding Ding needed to drop some weight. Tango is now 11 and Ding is a little bit overweight with itchy skin—which kept me up nights with his gnawing and licking. We assumed it was a grass allergy or either our cleaning products. I know a lot of dogs with skin and ear problems. I wondered if it could all be food-related. I had to discover how my pets’ food was affecting their health. Was I feeding them “fast food” or solid nutrition which could improve health and vitality, and possibly increase their life spans? Specially for my old Tango with his weakening joint and hips.

Gently look in your dog or cat’s mouth. The four long pointy teeth are “canines” and indicate a carnivore, a meat-eater. Review your pet’s food label. The first five ingredients are fundamental.  Ground yellow corn was the first ingredient, in the food I had. Did you ever see a dog, wolf, coyote, or fox chomping down on an ear of corn?  Do zoo care-givers offer wheat or soybeans to the tigers, lions, or cougars? After all, our domestic pets are tiny replicas of their wild cousins. 

So, then why do pet food manufacturers use corn and wheat? A little research yielded that shortly after World War II, there was a grain surplus. Unfit for human consumption—it was directed to the pet food industry. Cheap, readily available, with a long shelf life; add a colorful label, clever advertising, and grocery store convenience---for a now multi-billion dollar industry.

The second ingredient was chicken by-products (what remains after choice cuts). By-products can include unappealing items (heads, feet, tendons, intestines)….. No wonder they can be difficult to digest.  I learned an optimum food would first list “meal”, (ie chicken meal) a human grade, concentrated source of protein with the majority of water extracted.  Along with a meat meal, what else should your dog’s food contain?  Vegetables, an animal based fat source, beet fiber, antioxidants, bacterial cultures and proteinated minerals.
Would you give your pet a food that contained ingredients from China?

Would you give your pet a food that contained chemicals linked to cancer?

Would you feed your pet meat from diseased, drugged animals?

You might be right now and not even know it.

The truth...

  • Pet Food labels are legally allowed to lie to you.  Regulations allow a pet food to make "unqualified claims, either directly or indirectly" on pet food labels.  'Healthy Weight' or 'Extend Your Pet's Life' might be an "unqualified claim".
  • Although tainted Chinese imported ingredients were responsible for killing thousands of dogs and cats in 2007, although China continues to struggle with quality control, many pet food manufacturers continue to purchase cheap ingredients from China.
  • Modern science has linked many common pet food ingredients to cancer and serious illness.  Despite the option of healthier choices (costlier choices), many pet food manufacturers continue to use cheap, risky ingredients.
  • The FDA, despite Federal law prohibiting it, allows pet food manufacturers to utilize sick, diseased, drugged and even euthanized animals as common pet food ingredients; camouflaged under less offensive sounding ingredient names.

What to avoid in your pet’s food
Grains (soy, corn, wheat, corn gluten or wheat gluten)
Chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT, ethoxoquin)
Refined sugar, artificial sweeteners
Artificial colors

Are you looking for the best food to feed your dog?

  If you are like me, you want to feed your dogs the best food possible to keep them healthy.  Are you are feeling that our dog food producers are adultering their product, much like our mass producers of human food are? Is it possible that they are producing and pushing dog junk food and they are adulterating the food to increase their profit and to addict your dog to non-nutritious products?  Yes!  It is true. 

  • Sit back and think about this:
     - Can you remember how just a short while ago that your dog was full of
       energy and pep? 
    - Does your dog have less energy and vitality than he did just last year? 
    - Does your dog get skin irritations that take a long time to clear up, only to return
      again and again? 
    - Wouldn't you like to have your pup back filled with eagerness he had when he
     was younger and had that healthy appearance? 
    - Could it be that your dog's sluggish manner is not due to maturing but because
     of what he is eating? 
    - Are you unintentionally poisoning your dog? 
    - Would you like to prolong the quality and length of your dog's life by 135%?

I found the right foods, my pets are thriving. Ding Ding's no longer keeps me awake. His skin is fine—it was an allergy to corn. Tango achieved is target weights. Our cat, Garfiled's coat is more gorgeous than ever. The little bumps he had vanished after about a month of being on the holistic food.
Yes, holistic foods usually cost more, but since they are more digestible, you feed less. Bonus: less to “pick up”! Factor in, less trips to the vet for allergy relief. By taking an active interest in my pets’ nutrition, I believe I have increased and enhanced their lives. Our pets deserve to be healthy and happy, as long as we are entrusted with them.

What are you feeding your pets? See what mine get.

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