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What you are  about to read may disturb you!
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Do you suspect your animal to be a victim of vaccine damage?

Some of health problems cause by vaccination
Skin loss... personality disorders such as aggression...hyper-activity and grief...spinal and joint degeneration and dysplasia...arthritis & bone diseases...candidiasis, auto-immune allergies...growths...problems of liver...kidneys...pancreas, glands...eyes...heart...blood and infections are common. Acute symptoms such as itching... diarrhea... excessive shedding...poor digestion and inflammations could be cause by  vaccination.

The Fact
Almost without exception there is no immunologic requirement for annual revaccinations the same as human vaccination for flu. Immunity to viruses remains for the animal’s life or at least for a few years.  Successful vaccination to most bacterial pathogens produces an immunologic memory that remains for years, allowing an animal to develop a protective anamnestic (secondary) response when exposed to virulent organisms.

Fundamental dilemma

A fundamental dilemma is that vaccination in effect leads to weakening of the gene pool, and thus the overall health of a given population. One way this occurs is by allowing individuals to live that would otherwise succumb to disease, such disease being a natural means to "cleanse" and thus strengthen that population. This naturally presents an ethical quandary these days (our understanding of native or aboriginal thinking suggests that letting weak individuals die was implicitly understood to be not only acceptable but proper).

Western society values the individual's right to be, therefore we make efforts to save all individuals. Any answer to this question naturally lies with the individual(s) involved.

Veterinarians are faced with a challenge when dealing with acute diseases. Vaccinations may prevent these acute diseases, but if the exchange is for a lifetime of chronic disease, is that a viable option? (Viable is from the French vie, meaning life.)

First, remembering that booster vaccines are unnecessary, we can stop all vaccination after one year of age for virtually all diseases.

Secondly, all vaccines should be administered as single antigens. (An antigen is something that is capable of eliciting an immune response, in this case a viral or bacterial organism from which a vaccine is produced.) This means not using the polyvalent vaccines which have become so common these days. Natural exposure to diseases is usually one at a time, and the body is probably more successful at responding to only one antigen and producing immunity without adverse effects, rather than responding to a complex of antigens.

Thirdly, only immunize for diseases which meet all of the following criteria:
1.The disease is serious, even life threatening. ?
2.The animal is or will be exposed to the disease. ?
3.The vaccine for the disease is known to be effective. ?
4.The vaccine for the disease is considered safe.

Not convinced yet read this

Read about the comments of other vets who believe that vaccines are damaging our pets.

Most recently, an article appeared in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association entitled "Are We Vaccinating Too Much?" Dr. Richard Pitcairn D.V.M. Ph.D:"For some readers the very idea that vaccines are anything but wonderful and life-saving may come as a surprise, and it's not a very pleasant one. After all, the general population pictures vaccines as one of modern medicine's best and brightest moments, saving literally millions from the scourge of diseases like poliomyelitis and smallpox. "

 Skin allergic reactions have been associated with vaccine administration,

Tremendous numbers of dogs and cats have skin allergies today. Some other diseases for which links to vaccines are known or suspected include epilepsy, thyroid disorders.

Dr. McCluggage DVM, covered the holistic perspective on vaccinations. He stated that "...we must stop advocating yearly vaccines because of the harm we are doing to the animals we vaccinate. He covered the homeopathic concept of "vaccinosis". Vaccinosis is a disease entity that may be introduced through vaccinating animals or people. Once vaccinosis develops, there is a disturbance in the bodies vital forces that leads to symptoms of chronic disease that can be very difficult (and often impossible) to cure.

 "After 10 years of traditional veterinary practice I became tired of having no treatment for chronic disease, incurable conditions, and a plethora of allergic maladies which seem to plague all veterinary practices. I was frustrated with giving animals cortisone because I had no other solutions, or using antibiotics for infections which I knew were of viral origin. There is so much that can be done for an animal, bird, or reptile that is ailing by utilizing homeopathic medicine." Dr Charles E Loops DVM Routine Vaccination: Is it really safe and effective?

In an attempt to control a naturally occurring process of population control and survival of the fittest, the medical establishment has convinced people that mass innoculations are for the good of all, overlooking the health of the individual.

Where vaccinations have helped in eradicating or reducing the incidence of severe, acute disease processes, the result has been to plague humanity with more insidious, chronic diseases that are much more difficult to treat and that lower the quality of life for many individual animals and people.

The best road to good health is feeding a diet rich in fresh foods, raw meats for the carnivores, and avoiding vaccinations and allopathic medications. Some good veterianrian recommand now the usage of a treament call VACCIN-AID to reduce adverse effect of vaccination. Antibiotics and other allopathic drugs should only be used in situations where their use is clearly indicated, and this should be only in potentially, life-threatening situations.

Finally, a comment about vaccinations and choice. While the concept of 'owning' an animal is one with which I am uncomfortable, I do recognize that this is how the human-animal relationship is viewed from a legal perspective. Otherwise we certainly can be said to be guardians of our companion animals. Within this framework the choice about vaccination rests with the human who has accepted responsible guardianship. It does not rest with the veterinarian. Another trend of the past few years is coercion of guardians into procedures such as vaccination.

Every time you suppress a symptom the body produces, you are potentially lowering the health status of the body system.

Treating with the correctly prescribed,  remedy, herbs, or other non-invasive therapies, not of a chemical nature, will enhance your health and your companions health.

1. Why Destroy the Pets/Animals Immune System ?

2. Why use Toxic Antibiotics that may cause yeast infections ?

3. Why let your Animal Suffer?

4. Why use barbiturates for pain relief when there are a number of safe herbal alternatives ?

What can you do when he is sick?

There is a better way to bring your pet to health and keep it healthy.

All you desire in life is that your companion be healthy!

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