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By creating this site, I wanted to help you to learn more about man's best friend. I also wanted to inform you of many aspects that certain groups or organizations do not discuss or do not want you to know. This site will provide you with a complete overall view and enable you to make your own decisions.

Some people may not agree with my convictions or perceptions. But tell yourself that opinions are varied and that considering both sides of the questions will make you more objective in seeing the whole picture. The brain is similar to a parachute, it functions better when it's open!

( If a population can be judged and evaluated by how it treats animals, believe me, in certain countries, the human race is not worth much! ) Daniel Ratay

Since man has been in existence, he has had to live constantly in the presence of all kinds of animals.

With some, he developed relationships in a common aim of survival while, with others, the purpose was protection from enemies. Nowadays, these relationships are different, at least for many of our supposedly "civilized nations.   If you hear poeple talk about their animals, you realize that there is a lack of education in the area of the way we live and that our fast way of life prevents us from communicating and establishing contacts with others as easily as previously.

(Smaller families, long and varied work schedules etc.) Nevertheless the need to have ties and contacts with other living creatures has remained the same. In the last few years, we have become aware of the following: Animal shelters are constantly overcrowded. Statistics show there is an increase in the number and seriousness of injuries caused by animals. More and more people wish to have pets. Dog farms multiply. Not everybody has the financial means to get the necessary information. The available information is not readily accessible. Ethologists have found many behavioral problems in animals that become sick and nobody can find the reason.

Webmaster profile

Dan and tango

Daniel Ratay, or the passion for dogs.

Born in Quebec, Canada, Daniel has enjoyed producing various television programs since 1990. He conceived and hosted the broadcast of "Animalerie" a pet show which lasted for eight years. That program had 100,s of thousands of very interested fans.  Daniel and Tango now live in Hollywood, Florida USA and they continue their work around the world.

- Co-founder of the dog training school " L'A-Dresse Canine" in 1996

- M.C. of the Expo of " Breeders of Pure-Bred Dogs of Quebec" from 1992 to 1997.

- Host of various dog shows since 1991.

- Researcher and guest for many television shows about pets.

- Founder and webmaster of the website and of the casting agency of in 1998

- Daniel and Tango have been in a large number of dog shows in Canada and in the United States. Tango is now retired from an international group "International Super Dogs show".

- M.C. for Paw-o-thon for Canadian Cancer Society for 5 years.

- Guest for the news in Radio Canada programs " Salut bonjour à TVA " and "L'arche de Noé"

- Since the beginning of 1990, the number of appearances on TV. totals nearly 850 live broadcasts and taped programs. He had his own TV pet show for more than 9 years.


YOu can see videos of Daniel and Tango in action  here

- 2001-2002 founder of Dogstory Network Company.

- 2001 Member of the Dog Agility Club of Hollywood.

- 2001-2002 Chosen by "International Superdogs" to be part of the 20-member group who will present shows in the US  at Orlando Eukanuba Classic, the second most prodigious competition in the United States, and at the international veterinarian convention in Orlando.

- 2003 to 2007 Coordinator of The "Show Me What Your Dog Can Do" contest for Broward Humane Society's WALK FOR THE ANIMALS

- 2002 to 2003 Agility Instructor Level 1 to 3 at the Dog Agility Club of Hollywood.

- 2003 Member of the World Canine Freestyle Association. (WCFO)

- First South Florida Dog Freestyle dancer in  competition at the World Canine Freestyle Convention and Competition in Harrisburg, Pensylvania.

2004 First title in the World Canine Freestyle Association.

Picture Miami Herald

International Canine Freestyle Convention in Asheville, NC
-Best man performance excellent division
-Best costume
-Highest score for a rescue dog.
-Second Highest score in senior division.
-Highest score in intermediate division.

Instructor and founder for HOLLYWOOD canine freestyle club of south Florida.

November 2005

WCFO's National Canine Freestyle Competition in Detroit, Michigan.

-Highest score for a rescue for the entire competition in the excellent division.

-Best costume.
- Won 2 First Place competitions in Senior Division, Novice and Intermediate.
-First position Excellent category
-Second position Excellent division.

Production of the first Canine Freestyle Seminar, totally in French on video.


In June, Dan and Tango were invited to the PRO STAR competition for the International Freestyle Convention in Detroit. They made 11th position worldwide. Not so bad for two old dogs!

Feb 2006
Invited by the Canadian National TV Network Radio Canada (ABC equivalent) as a special guest for ''Les Missions de Patrick''. Fist time ever for Tango to travel 2000 miles on a plane.

To see the show click on the link below the picture
(In French only)

Download here (8.4meg)
in mpeg
format please use Window media player

March 2007

Last 3 shows ever presented by Dan with Tango for Petpalooza at Markham Park in Florida.
Tango is now 12y/o. After a surgery to remove a tumor that left him with only three fingers on the left front paw, Tango is now totally retired from the active life. But don't worry! Dan will be back soon with his new star Ding Ding, his new rescued Australian Shepherd

May 2007 Dan is now an official Judge for the World Canine Freestyle Association.

October 2007

An old dream is taking shape now with the creation of his own National Dog entertaining show named American Idogs.( )

After many years of experience and studies, training and all related subjects about dogs, we are now able to offer a website that will help you with your interests and provide a high standard of quality. We are able to state without any doubt that this site will be one of the most popular on the subject.

- October 2007: With now over 2,6 million visitors/yr and after the much-devoted work of the last twelve months and according to who rates all internet sites in the world, has climbed from the rank of 716 000 th to the one of 89,900 th of the most visited sites on the web. This progress was the result of constant efforts of our team and  your numerous visits to our site.

June 2008: Dan, Tango and Ding Ding are now educating kids at school to make them the best pet parents ever. Daniel is also doing seminars for adult with or without kids. For more information

Click here

2008 Daniel is now a Peak Potential member with participation and completion of the following trainings and seminars:

1- World Greatest Marketing Seminar, Oct 2008

2- Ultimate Leadership Camp November, 2009

3- Master Your Mind, Nov. 2008

4- Train the Trainer Qualitication, Nov. 2008

5- All Your Relations Seminar, Nov.  2008

November 2008 Daniel keeps going with the training of dog owners for American Idogs Boot Camp Level One and Two. He is also offering: Basic Obedience Level One and Two, Trick Classes 101, Canine Musical Training Level One, Two and Three, and seminars across Florida for THE BEST PET PARENT EVER SEMINAR.

December 2008 Daniel created the BE A PALM TREE program for kids.

February 2009 Presentation of the first official American Idogs show in Boca Raton Fl.

Septemberre 2009 First American Idogs demo at the Florida Marlins stadium.

April 2010 Second official presentation of American Idogs mini show at the Florida Marlins stadium on the field 30 min before the game.

The webmaster and the administration of the site are not responsible for all the content, information and advertisement it presents. If you detect abnormalities in the contents of this site or if you feel, as the owner of the rights of a picture, that it not be published anymore on the site, just contact us and we will act upon it.


 If you are wondering how Daniel have been able to accomplish that?

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One of the most enlightening book of my life!
Daniel Ratay

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